All pre-clinical studies performed at BioAdvice A/S are approved by the Danish Laboratory Animal Organ, and conducted within the frames of the Danish legislation. Study licenses are only granted after a meeting in the Organ, and will require justified use of animals, as well as a good description of the procedures performed with a focus on the animal welfare.

Within the recent years the Danish Authorities have increased their focus on the 3R’s which has led to the Danish 3R-center, established in 2013. The 3R center is a collaboration between the Ministry of Food, the pharmaceutical industry and a number of animal welfare organisations. Their focus is on promoting the development of alternatives to animal testing, minimising the use of laboratory animals in specific experiments and Improving conditions of laboratory animals.

BioAdvice A/S have an internal welfare committee with 2-4 meetings annually, we continuously seek to improve and refine our methods when conducting research that involves the use of animals. We strive to keep updated on the latest knowledge generated in the field of laboratory animal science.

Our state-of-the-art facilities allows great flexibility and we are therefore able to provide a stimulating environment to a wide range of species, for instance enrichment as built in plateaus for exercise and shelter, rooting material and toys, as well as dispersion of food in the pen, hereby allowing a more natural food foraging behavior. These actions have been implemented to promote the natural behaviour of the animals and stimulate their senses.,

At BioAdvice A/S we have a team of laboratory animal veterinarians overseeing the studies making sure that all procedures performed are according to the 3 R’s