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The management team at BioAdvice is internationally experienced and represents decades of experience working in and collaborating with biotech, pharma and other CRO´s. BioAdvice was founded by CEO Karin Damm Jørgensen and CFO Jens Goul. The company is built on Karin´s pharmacological and toxicological background and expertise from Novo Nordisk Gentofte, Lundbeck and the CRO industry as well as Jens’ experience with managing, streamlining and merging international enterprises.

In 2016 Aurelie Gram, DVM, BSc Medicinal Chemistry, joined the management team as CSO after having worked in the company for 7 years, latest as senior Study Director.

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BIOADVICE A/S - Lyshoejvej 21, DK-3650 Oelstykke, Denmark - Tel: +45 38 25 20 15 - E-mail: bioadvice@bioadvice.dk - CVR: 25052927


Lyshøjvej 21, 3650 Ølstykke

Tel: +45 35 25 20 15

E-mail: lm@bioadvice.dk

CVR: 25052927