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BioAdvice is collaborating with Anders Wichmann, AWQA regarding internal and external GLP and GMP auditing, quality assurance, quality control and education of the personnel. Anders Wichmann has a PhD in biochemistry and more than 25 years of QA/QC experience from the pharmaceutical industry.

Bioadvice use the integrated Grit Systems solution to streamline the value chain from animal management to experiment and analysis of the results. The Gritsystems solution is developed and supported by a group of highly skilled and experienced pre-clinical data management experts with more than 15 years of research informatics experience in the pharmaceutical industry.​​


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BIOADVICE A/S - Lyshoejvej 21, DK-3650 Oelstykke, Denmark - Tel: +45 38 25 20 15 - E-mail: - CVR: 25052927


Lyshøjvej 21, 3650 Ølstykke

Tel: +45 35 25 20 15


CVR: 25052927