​BioAdvice A/S - research in pharmacology and toxicology

BioAdvice is a Contract Research Organisation located in Denmark, a half hours drive from Copenhagen International Airport.

Preclinical research

BioAdvice’s primary focus is delivering high quality, high flexibility and rapid reporting in preclinical research in pharmac​ology and toxic​ology.

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​BioAdvice A/S is a financially sound company with many years of growth – making us have the strength to serve our customers on a long term basis of quality.

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In vivo drug characterization

We have broad expertise within pharmacology and toxicology from the early screening phase to late-stage preclinical studies.

We work in close cooperation with our clients which is essential in the early phases of development.

Our clients are also welcome to watch; or even participate in studies. We can assist within the following areas:

•PoC studies, for instance within

o Diabetes
o Inflammation
o Dermatology


o Acute/chronic
o Local toxicology
o Batch release tests (GMP)

•In vivo PK/ADME

o PK studies in pigs, minipigs, dogs, rabbits and rats
o 1st pass metabolism model in minipigs


In vitro resources & clinical chemistry

We have a range of clinical chemistry equipment in-house, allowing fast analysis of samples.

Additional analyses are performed in collaboration with our established partners or with sponsors choice of partner.


BIOADVICE A/S - Lyshøjvej 21, 3650 Ølstykke - Tel: +45 38 25 20 15 - E-mail: bioadvice@bioadvice.dk - CVR: 25052927


Lyshøjvej 21, 3650 Ølstykke

Tel: +45 35 25 20 15

E-mail: lm@bioadvice.dk

CVR: 25052927